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Martin Clear Fluorocarbon Nylon Ukulele Strings M600 Soprano/Concert



Martin M600 Ukulele 烏克麗麗弦



A small but mighty sound. 


Martin Ukulele strings offer a high tensile strength core wire to hold tunings longer and improve harmonic output for consistent true tone. 


"Fluorocarbon is used specifically for our M600 Ukulele strings. The density of this material is higher than traditional nylon and produces stronger and richer tone." -


Martin M600 Clear Fluorocarbon Soprano/Concert Ukulele Guitar Strings offer a rich, amplified tone. The fluorocarbon strings allow less elongation and therefore resist tone loss from stretching due to tuned-to-pitch tension providing longer play between tunings.



M600 Soprano .0191 .0251 .0340 .0220


Martin & Co. designs and manufactures the strings themselves. Like their guitars, each string is made with patience, care, and precision with only the highest quality materials producing strings with exacting tone and superior performance. Not only are their packaging materials minimized and 100% recyclable, but the envelopes reduce the tarnishing effect on the strings.



Martin M600 Clear Ukulele 烏克麗麗弦 21/23 適用

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